S8 Finale AU

Crossposted because I cannot find this thing and it is absolutely driving me crazy.

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Hey kids, I've been tearing up the usual haunts for the last week trying to track down a fic I read awhile ago. I'm 90% sure it was originally posted to OhSam, but I've looked through the tags and the archive on that site and I can't find it. I don't remember who the author was. It had art with it, but I can't remember the artist either.

Basically, Dean still managed to convince Sam to stop the last trial in "Sacrifice" and Sam still ended up in the hospital as the angels fell. Rather than slowly dying, he was more like stuck in a sort of limbo. The fic opened with a nurse or doctor encouraging Dean to let Sam go because he was obviously suffering, and eventually Dean agreed, except even after life support was removed, Sam inexplicably didn't die. At one point, an angel broke into the room and stabbed Sam in his bed, and while the wound didn't heal, he also didn't die.

Eventually Dean took Sam and left, the Impala ran out of gas, and they ended up hunkered down in some house in the middle of nowhere. Cas and Charlie (and maybe Gadreel?) eventually tracked them down and Dean was angst-ridden over his decision to let Sam die back in the hospital. It might have ended up being wincest, but I'm not sure.

Any guidance would be swell! Thank you so much!

10 Things to Love

Stolen from de_nugis because this week was hellish at work and sometimes the little things are the best things.

1. It's Friday and we're going to Chicago for a wedding tomorrow and I don't have to work again until 12:30 on Monday and then we're closed Tuesday.

2. "Handguns" by Greensky Bluegrass is such a great song.

3. When my dog crawls under the blankets and licks my feet at bedtime.

4. Apple scented candles.

5. I ordered a vintage 1960s bright red princess coat for real cheap off of Etsy and not only is it in great condition, but the seller threw in a sweet vintage red, white, and blue scarf.

6. I got to see my best friend when I was in Pittsburgh last week. We got lunch at the Eat n Park in Monroeville and walked around the mall. When we said goodbyes, we said "I love you."

7. My sister in law gave us a lovely succulent terrarium she designed herself as a wedding gift. We've had it since June and I haven't killed it yet.

8. I think the boss that I notoriously don't get along with at work and I may have reached a sort of truce. Accidentally. Which is the best kind of truce.

9. Clove cigarettes.

10. A clean kitchen.
exploding dog


Oh, hi, hello.

I just wanted to let you all know that I've created a different journal (thanks for the encouragement quickreaver!) to house fic and other works (but probably just fic) that is a little, eh, oh hell. Okay:

So I wrote "Siberia" earlier this season, and I struggled with whether or not to post it because it's really effed up and nihilistic and more explicit than what I've written in the past. I ultimately posted it here (and I'll be keeping it here) because I don't think it pushed the boundaries too hard and I think I warned well enough that no one ended up reading anything that they really, violently, didn't want to read, or at least I hope I did and if you did end up squicked or otherwise bothered, I'm really, sincerely sorry and it'll never happen again.

Because I created fried_fishies.

I have absolutely no plans to quit writing gen-fic, which will always be updated here at the old kettle_o_fish, and this will still be my personal LJ for those of you who are interested in that sort of thing, and because sometimes I'm just a sad bitch who needs to bitch about her bitchiness, but I've started a project or two recently that took on a decidedly more adult flavor and once I started the "well how explicit is 'explicit'" debate, I talked it out and realized that this isn't the place for those stories. I don't even feel like the same writer when I'm working on them.

And that's great! I started writing fic to hone my skills and hopefully apply what I learn as I "find my voice" *gag* to my original writing-- which I have, with varying levels of success. The Supernatural writing community is a wonderful place to be brave...but that's just it. With the exception of "Siberia," I started to feel like a lot of my stories were interchangeable (It's okay. I KNOW.) and that made me sad. I spend a lot of time being sad about my original writing. I don't want to be sad about my freaking fanfic. It's supposed to be fun. It's supposed to help me grow.

I don't want to say that I've outgrown kettle_o_fish because that's not entirely accurate and the Kettle isn't going anywhere. If anything, I'm just adopting a pen-name for a genre that's maybe a little out of my dedicated readers' collective comfort zone.

Basically, from here on out, fried_fishies is where I'll be housing the Wincest and other explicit sexual situations and really, anything that I don't think fits the Kettle "brand." I won't promise endless yanks for the spank bank because that's not my intent, but if there are spanks to be had then so be it.

I just don't want to force myself to shoot down ideas before I even write them because "Oh, dearie me, I could never post that."

Right now, the only thing over there is a "Siberia" re-post, but I'm thinking this weekend-ish, maaaybe earlier, but IDK, my next two days are looking busy real-work-wise and the wedding crap is piling up again (I QUIT AT CARING WHAT OUR DAMN CAKE LOOKS LIKE, I QUIT) I'll finish up the Mark of Cain theory/possibility piece I've been working on and post it over there.

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Title: Siberia
Rating: Hard R
Characters: Sam, Dean, Kevin, mentions of Castiel , Charlie, and Garth
Word Count: 2500ish
Wincest, co-dependency, suicidal ideation, angst, penises, alcoholism
Spoiler Alert: Takes place after 9.01, with mentions of certain events from the episode
Summary: When stuffing an angel inside your dying brother backfires.
A/N: So uh…I wrote fucked up wincest?
A/N 2: I'm really digging Season 9 so far. I was just really, REALLY put off by how it seemed like Sam's wants and Sam's control over his own body were ignored in the premiere. Like, I was sincerely upset. My rage mellowed a bit after this week's episode because I think the writers did a better job of capturing Dean's guilt and inner-conflict over the part he played in setting up the possession that I think was lacking in the premiere, so I feel better. I wrote this before 9.02 aired and spent the last few days panicking and wondering if everyone would hate me for posting sad wincest in the middle of squee-season but nwspaprtaxis is a really shiny cheerleader who basically told me to stop being a wuss and DO IT. So I done it. (Sowwy.)

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SPN FIC: The Lucky Ones

Title: The Lucky Ones
Characters: Sam and Dean, a touch of Charlie and Kevin
Word Count:~ 2,100
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Swearing, temporary character death, not-quite-suicidal-ideation-but-not-exactly-healthy-thinking-either
Summary: Dean always thought John Winchester was the lucky one.
Notes: Written for quickreaver's Men of Letters challenge at her journal. Unbeta'd and whipped up mid-hangover on an iPad, so all mistakes are mine. Concrit always welcome. I think this accidentally ended up more Dean-centric than Sam, but I also think it works. So. Enjoy, kids!
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SPN FIC: The Hours

Title: The Hours
Characters: Sam, Dean, mentions of Hallucifer
Word Count: 3,572
Warnings: Dean drops some F-bombs
Spoiler Alert: Takes place vaguely in S7, after "Death's Door" but before "Repo Men."
Summary: Written for ladybastet92's prompt over at the ohsam comment meme. 
A/N: Unbeta'd because I told myself I was too busy to fic and then did it anyway.

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SPN FIC: Haven

Title: Haven
Summary: Written for the following prompt by quickreaver over at ohsamDick has won. Leviathan have insinuated themselves into our world, and we are becoming fat, lazy cattle. But Our Boys know better, of course. There's still a decent supply of untainted canned food product -- which Dean tolerates far better than Sammy -- but Sam needs his fresh greens, which are very hard to come by. Sam's getting sick from his picky eating habits, run-down and cranky (possibly food-poisoned?), so Dean decides to locate one of a growing number of secret resistance groups trying to grow their own food. Post-apocalyptic-ish, yay!
Characters: Sam, Dean, OCs
Genre: h/c, AU, post-apocalyptic(ish)
Rating: PG-13 (language)
Disclaimer: Not my sandbox
Warnings: Uh. So. This got a little dark. Beware rampant nihilism.

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SPN FIC: 11 Days

I wrote 7.17 reaction fic! Yes, I hate the ending that much. For now. I reserve the right to change my opinion on that matter if Show gives me a reason to in the future. 

Anyway, thank yous are needed for 4422shiniemmram for their encouragement and general awesomeness. emmram has written her own coda which is absolutely delightful and which mine doesn't even compare to and if you haven't read it yet, you should check it out.

Summary: AU coda to The Born Again Identity. Cas is awesome. Dean is angry. Sam is...in bad shape. 
Warnings: SPOILERS for 7.17.
Disclaimer: Not my sandbox.

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SPN FIC: He Tore Its Chords Asunder

Title: He Tore Its Chords Asunder
Summary: It's always bad when they separate. It's worse when they don't get a choice. 
Characters: Sam, Dean, Jody Mills, a little bit of Frank, implied Castiel
Genre: h/c, season 7, probably AU after 7.16-17
Rating: PG-13 (language)
Disclaimer: Not my sandbox
Wordcount: 2,931
Warnings: Super major spoilers for the rest of season 7. I couldn't help myself. They're too delicious. But if you're a spoilerphobe, you might want to wait a few weeks. I understand. Kisses!

Author's Note: The title comes from the song "The Minstrel Boy."  It's such a pretty song. So so so lovely and melancholy. I first heard it at the end of Black Hawk Down. I went to the same high school as one of the soldiers that the movie is based on so it was kind've a big deal when it came out. I actually worked with his sister at the time and had no freaking idea who she was until she came in to talk to the class about her brother.  Anyway, I'm slightly drunk and rambling. For your listening pleasure...clicky.

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